november 2018: SNURK x Amsterdam UMC

At the request of one of Holland's largest hospitals, Amsterdam UMC, we -SNURK- redesigned their hospital bedding. What an honour! We put all our love and creativity into it and came up with new bedding which provides warmth in more ways than one. We are very proud of the result. Check out the video for the story behind the new hospital duvet, which is also available in our own collection.

Folding 1.000 origami cranes for good luck and health
According to an ancient Japanese tradition the folding of 1.000 origami cranes brings good luck and health. This idea was the inspiration for the hospital's new bedding. We asked the hospital staff to fold 1.000 crane birds for their patients. They were very enthusiastic. Nurses, cleaners, doctors and many other employees started folding. A selection from the pile of birds was printed on the bedding. The hospital also let each patient read about the story behind the duvet through a welcome letter on each bed.

From this week, Amsterdam UMC patients will sleep under a SNURK. Luckily you don't have to end up in the hospital to enjoy the bedding, as it is also available in SNURK's collection. For each sold Crane Birds bedding set, €1,- is donated to Cancer Center Amsterdam, where cancer research is done to find new medicines and better treatment. The duvet cover is available in single and double sizes here.

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