January 2018: The Horizontal Life of...

- January 2018 - 

Name - Darja Brouwers & Jonne van Leiden
Age - 41 and 8
Job / occupation
Darja - illustrator / graphic designer / owner kokonoma.nl
Jonne - likes to play with her friends, does gymnastics and in between all that still goes to school
City - Utrecht

Hi Darja and Jonne, what made you come to this campsite (De Lievelinge)?
Darja: The atmosphere is quite special. I believe it's the people who stay here and the creative sleeping accommodations (like mobile homes and yurts). An inspiring place. Plus, it's great to escape the city and be outdoors. It makes me intensely happy to see the twinkling in Jonnes' eyes in the morning: excited for new outdoor adventures. We also like to eat at the campsite restaurant: the food is so nice and freshly made.  

I really like the fact that I can play with my friends and I can go everywhere by myself. There is a very nice carrousel, a petting zoo and a lake where we all swim and play together.

What is next to your air mattress?
Darja: I am re-reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. And there is a flashlight' you never know what night-time adventures you'll get into.

Jonne: At home a mushroom lamp, my alarm clock, a small music box and books and at the campsite just a flashlight.


Before bedtime, I always must...
Darja: ...find the silence.

Jonne: ...romp around for a bit and then read in bed together.

Describe your perfect lazy Sunday:
Darja: Wake up slowly, have breakfast together in bed, doing everything really relaxed, exercise and let the day surprise me. If possible somewhere on a warm, sunny island...

Jonne: Eating sandwiches together in bed, watching TV under a blanket on the couch and playing in my pyjamas for as long as possible: preferably drawing, playing teacher or romping around.

Darja, illustrating is your work, do you also draw in your spare time? And if so, what?
Yes, I love to draw in my spare time. It usually starts with a detail or a certain body posture that I see on Instagram or in a magazine. And then a story unfolds during the drawing process, which I can give as much depth as I want. I prefer to draw in the evenings with some music on, when the hectic pace of the day is over. I also draw spontaneously, during a phone call, on the train (quite a challenge because of the cadence of the train) or when I am sitting in a cafe somewhere. For me, drawing equals relaxation.

Draw your favourite weekend bite here:


Which one of you snores the loudest?
Darja: Hahaha, we don't snore! But if we must choose then Jonne says 'Mum' and I say 'Jonne'. ;-)

Do you know where you are going on holiday next year? 
Darja: I'm a very late planner when it comes to holidays, but we will stay at this campsite for a couple of days for sure. 

Jonne: Here and the Efteling (the amusement park)!



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