January 2018: The Horizontal Life of...

- January 2018 -

Names - Aniek Gesink, Mus van Dortmont and Pip van Dortmont
Ages - 38, 7 and 5
Job / occupation - Aniek works in addiction care in combination with domestic violence. Muss is in class 4 and Pip in class 2. 
City - Geertruidenberg


Names - Coen and Kees Aarts
Ages - 47 and 5
Job - designer and co-owner of interior store Kavel 84 
City - Den Bosch

Hi Coen, Aniek and children! You are friends, how do you know each other and is this your first holiday together?
Aniek: We know each other from Geertruidenberg, through joint friends and Huis ten Bos. This was the first time we visited Coen and Kees at campsite 'De Lievelinge', we had already heard so much about this special place!

Coen, you have an interior store in Waalwijk where you sell our products. Which SNURK is your favourite and why?
Coen: Several, I have a Granny, Le-Clochard and Twirre at home. Geogami is currently on the bed (so maybe that's my favourite).


And which for the children?
The Mermaid.

Pip: The Ball Pit bedding!

What is on your bedside table / next to your air mattresses?
Coen: Phone.

Aniek: iPhone and iPad.

Mus: My rabbit and a book.

Pip: My rabbit and a book.

Kees: Miffy.


Before bedtime, I always must...
Coen: brush my teeth and turn off the lights ;-)

Aniek: just brush my teeth!

Mus: hear a bedtime story, get a kiss and a hug and sometimes chat a little bit.

Pip: hear a bedtime story and get a kiss and hug. 

Kees: romp around and hear a bedtime story.

Describe your perfect lazy Sunday:
Get out of bet a little later than usual, go for a walk and then a Sunday afternoon drink.

Aniek: Being out in the sun, with a nice glass of wine, a bit of music...

Mus: Dance to "Kinderen voor Kinderen" (at the campsite all children join in during the evening).

Pip: I love to craft with some music on, I think "Droomland" (André Hazes & Paul de Leeuw is a very nice song. But I also like to join Mus with dancing to "Kinderen voor Kinderen".

Kees: Playing with LEGO and drawing.


How many days did it rain during this Dutch camping Holiday?
Coen: We chose a great week. We had gorgeous weather!

Which one of you snores the loudest?
Clearly Coen!!!

Do you know where you are going on holiday next year?
Probably another visit to this campsite.



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