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August 2018, AMSTERDAM - New winter collection SNURK Horizontal Wear

This winter, SNURK brings you once again a wonderful collection of Horizontal Wear to celebrate the art of doing absolutely nothing. From the first week of August the new collection is available on 

Like you are used to from SNURK, they bring you a brand new collection with eye-catching photo prints. And the designers did not limit themselves to one theme, but made a range of different designs that are wearable for the whole family. Because SNURK thinks that every print should be suitable for every age, size and gender. So, at SNURK the smallest baby jumpsuits up to and including the men and women sweaters have the same print. Exactly, you can twin with the whole family this winter.

SNURK Horizontal Wear is made from soft, organic stretch cotton. The fabrics are woven and printed according to the GOTS standard, the strictest rules for organic cotton. All SNURK products are human and planet friendly produced in Portugal.

Banana Grey
Sometimes it can be that simple. SNURK took a bunch of bananas and scattered them over a light grey jogging fabric. After a solid workout, this is the outfit and the fruit to recover.

Knitted Flowers
SNURK set out to design a print soft and warm, yet bright and fresh. So, they started hand knitting colourful wild flowers and cherries. Then they photographed them scattered on a grey woollen blanket and printed the image digitally on fine organic stretch cotton in Portugal. Have a warm and happy winter!
Crazy Cat Eyes
This lovely, crazy and funky print was the result of a collaboration between SNURK and the cross-eyed Instagram cat @kedialos (yes, his eyes are really like that!).
Paper Jungle
This camouflage print is a hand-made print from SNURK, which literally consists of several layers. There is a difference in depth between the different cut layers of green cardboard paper, which is reflected in the photo print. In addition, black paper panthers are hidden between them. Dangerously cool for young and old.
Pom Pom
The Pom Pom print was also hand made by the SNURKers. The colours of the wool were inspired by the green-blue and rust-pink shades in oil stains.
Rockets & Peacock Fur
In the meantime, we have also entered the world of 3D animations. Which gives our designers the possibility to combine photo-reality and fantasy. The fur print Peacock Fur and the rockets print are the first great results.
Whale by The Dybdahl
For this print we collaborated with The Dybdahl co. from Denmark. They bring back to life old images found in rare books and hidden in libraries, galleries, archives and museums. Their entire collection is amazing. But this beautiful whale stood out to us, we couldn’t resist its’ friendly charm. So now it swims around our Horizontal Wear with a smile.
Cock-a-doodle-dooo you like getting up early in the morning? Because you look like an early bird.
Twirre Burgundy Red & Twirre Steel Grey
The SNURK designers are dedicated to developing the most original prints with the highest quality possible. And if necessary, the SNURKers themselves make the subject of their photo print. As with the knit print 'Twirre' which we worked on ourselves (with the help of handicraft guru Twirre van Kraaijenoord) with broomsticks and strands of wool from Texel sheep. Then we photographed the result, which formed the basis of this print.
Finally, all SNURK prints are digitally printed in Portugal on fine organic stretch cotton for a beautiful and super comfortable result.


SNURK is a boutique bedding and loungewear label from Amsterdam that specializes in creating imaginative photo prints on high quality duvet covers and home/sleep wear. You can take a dive in your private pool or have your kids sleep like an astronaut or dream of becoming a prima ballerina. Prints are designed in Holland and made by hand by the SNURKERS themselves. Production takes place in Portugal. SNURK is sold worldwide in selected stores and offers worldwide shipping in their webshop.

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