All SNURK products are made in Portugal under good working conditions (no child labour) and we consider ourselves a people and planet friendly brand. Our bedding, made from 100% cotton, is Oeko-Tex certified. Summarised: it is free of toxic substances and produced in a water-saving way. In addition, our Horizontal Wear is made from organic cotton. The organic cotton jersey we work with is GOTS certified. The ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’ is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibre. Fair trade production in Europe with ‘homemade prints’ and high quality & organic cotton means that our price is slightly higher than average. But you buy a quality, sustainable and honest product that has been designed and manufactured with love & pleasure for you. That’s a pleasant sleep.

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SNURK (bedding) percale cotton

Our bedding is made of 100% cotton. But cotton comes in different types and qualities. SNURK only uses percale and percaline cotton, depending on the print. This means that there are at least 144 thread counts per inch (percale a minimum of 200 counts). In other words, a weave density that is much higher than used in most common cotton bedding (often 100 counts). This makes SNURK cotton more durable, softer and smoother. When manufacturing our cotton, we also comb the yarn. To avoid impurities and peeling. SNURK cotton also receives an anti-shrinkage treatment before printing. That way your bedding will still fit your comforter after washing. You can wash a SNURK at 40 degrees Celsius. And you can put our bedding in the dryer. Remember to turn it inside out though to keep the print in optimal condition. 

SNURK (bedding) flannel cotton

Those who've slept one time under it, never want something else: a SNURK duvet cover made of 100% flannel cotton. Yet many people are not familiar with (our) flannel bedding yet. A little explanation: flannel is a type of cotton made with a different weaving technique than normal cotton. It is made of loose spun yarn, woven in a twill weave. In addition, flannel is lightly roughened, creating a downy layer. This layer ensures that the material feels soft and offers extra warmth. The secret of SNURK's flannel is the fact that we let the fabric be roughened on both sides, so the duvet cover feels twice as soft and fluffy (180 grams per m2). Flannel bedding is therefore perfect for the cold winter months. Did you know that SNURK can offer their bedding with an extra-long end as well? Ideal to tuck under your mattress to ensure warm feet.  

SNURK (clothing) jersey cotton

Horizontal Wear from SNURK is made of soft organic stretch cotton. Our sweaters and pants are made from 97% organic cotton and 3% elastane. Our t-shirts, tops and leggings from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. The fabric we use for the sweaters and pants is deliberately slightly heavier/thicker than that of pyjamas, but is just a little lighter than a jogging suit. The choice is yours whether you wear our clothes to bed, on the couch or to the gym. The fabrics are woven and printed in Portugal according to the GOTS standards.

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How we produce

SNURK is designed in Amsterdam and produced in the Porto area in Portugal. We work closely together with a few fixed, relatively small factories and confection centres. On average, we visit these places four times a year. This guarantees the quality of the prints and our business relations. We believe in shared responsibility and yes, we just like to be on top of everything when we print a design for the first time (‘Maybe it needs more red paint?’). We print both silk-screen and digital. It depends on the print and what it ‘needs’ according to us. All Horizontal Wear is always digitally printed. Our partners appreciate our commitment, because in return they put pride in their work and like to share that with us. Below some images:

The whole SNURK team together (Amsterdam & Porto) during our 10-year anniversary, in July 2017. 

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