'Sleep on the street so a homeless youngster doesn't have to.'

Even on a small scale you can make a difference. And we want to do our part. For this reason, a large part of the proceeds of our designs Le-Clochard and Le-Trottoir go to the Foundation for Homeless Youngsters in the Netherlands (SZN) and Off road kids in Germany. With the money housing projects are supported, where guidance to finding a job or finishing school is the focus. To date (updated: March 2019) we have already donated over €88.500 to SZN and Off road kids and furnished a teen mom's home in Enschede, The Netherlands.

Depending on which country you order from, the money is donated to:

Netherlands & Rest of world : SZN. www.zwerfjongeren.nl
Germany Off road kidswww.offroadkids.de 

Shop duvet cover : Le-Clochard
Shop fitted sheet: Le-Trottoir




Most people are aware of homeless adults in their country. But unfortunately, many young people live on the street as well. In the Netherlands, estimates by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the Court of Audit indicate a minimum of 5000 homeless youngsters. And there is not enough shelter: only for one out of ten. In addition, help is very fragmented. This is how these young people threaten to slip through the safety net.

Young homeless people have often experienced a lot and have troubles in different assets of their life. They need guidance in addition to shelter and food. Once they are settled in a guest house, they can work towards an independent life: finishing an education or finding a job. 

SZN hopes to acquire attention and funds for homeless youth through this bedding. Because people are still surprised, almost incredulously, when they hear that there are homeless youngsters in the Netherlands. With this bedding you help a young, small foundation that can really use your support. 

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